We understand municipal governments are under pressure to function efficiently and we specialize in helping them meet this goal. We serve as advisors to review current operational practices that are in place and to identify better, or more cost-effective ways of doing business. From helping in an HR capacity for the hiring of a new municipal treasurer, to conducting a risk/benefit analysis of sharing facilities with another township, we work with municipalities to ensure they have a plan of action and the working tools in place to help meet the needs of their taxpayers.

  • Audit Engagements
  • Special Purpose¬†Engagements
  • Advisory Services
  • Long Range Financial Plans
  • Inter-Municipal¬†Agreements
  • Organizational Review
Municipalities turn to us for guidance when looking to restructure or share services with other local governments. Whether a municipality is negotiating a property annexation or looking at shared recreation or fire services, we can provide the cost/benefit analysis of these decisions before they are put to a vote.