We offer a full spectrum of services to assist you with your personal accounting needs.

Tax Returns

People turn to us for help with complex tax returns, to not only ensure they are complying with Canada Revenue Agency requirements, but to also look at ways of minimizing their final tax bill.

When your personal tax preparation involves more than declaring the information from a T4 slip, it might be worth consulting with an accountant. We assist clients with everything from declaring investment losses from a previous tax year to assisting with non-resident returns, and more.
From leaving money for a grandchild or charitable agency to ensuring a loved one with a disability is financially secure, there can be a number of different reasons why someone would want to set up a trust. Our experience includes inter-vivos trusts, Henson trusts, testamentary trusts and family trusts.
While the chance of a government audit for you or your business may be somewhat minimal, you may be reassured to know we offer government audit representation should the Canada Revenue Agency come knocking on your door.
We assist non-Canadian residents with the disposition of Canadian property by prescribing filings, required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and are familiar with applicable treaty exemptions that may impact capital gains reporting.

Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, there are many questions to consider. We help our clients to develop a plan to optimize their financial picture during their living years and to plan accordingly to reduce the final tax liability once they have passed away.  

Advisory Services

Retirement is a big step in a person’s life and ensuring one has the proper funds in place for this eventuality can mean the difference between a cash-strapped, passive retirement and an adventure-filled, active retirement.

What will be your budget for living during retirement? Should you take your Canada Pension at age 60? Do you have enough savings to support your desired lifestyle? We assist clients by looking at their financial picture and developing a plan to allow them live the way they want during their golden years.

The end of a marriage through divorce is often a very emotional time for the parties involved. We work diligently to help make the experience as smooth as possible for our clients and to provide them with an accurate financial picture for the eventual division of their debts and assets.
People turn to us for help with complex tax returns. We assist clients with everything from declaring investment losses from a previous tax year, to assisting with non-resident returns and more.